The Multilogue Collective is an independent and non-partisan non-profit organization that aims to
sensitize communities towards urbanism—the characteristic way of how our cities are planned and
made to function. We are a group of motivated students and professionals with the intent to
acknowledge and address the merits and challenges in the current patterns of urban growth.

our Philosophy

At the core of our philosophy of collaborative urbanism lies the idea that cities are vibrant and liveable
when they are democratized—shaped for the people, by the people. We believe that a shared
dialogue is a foremost step towards addressing common challenges faced by people across societies
and cultures. Hence, people from all walks of life–especially the younger ones—with all their skills and
experiences, must partake a significant stake in the said dialogue and eventually arrive at sustainable
solutions to the current urban challenges, through a collective spirit.

Vision and mission

The recent trends of the surge, in the Indian population, have been showing its cities as dominant
growth centers. By the time we hit the end of the third decade, half of the Indians are expected to live
in cities. The quest for better quality of life has created sprawling towns and cities—both in terms of
population and geography. The higher degrees of urban sprawl has been directly proportional to the
adverse living conditions, marginalization, health-hazards, and associated socio-economic problems.
These problems are often a result of ill-considered, impulsive and non-holistic planning and policies.

At the Multilogue Collective, we aim to engage our communities in an urban discourse that we
believe, must be initiated owing to the dire need of community action to make our cities better. We
believe that the said discourse can be established through collaborative efforts of people coming from
diverse walks of life. We remain committed to the idea of a ‘multilogue’ to be established between the
people—through interdisciplinary collaborations. We employ social media, research, publications,
public forums, workshops, and talk sessions and competitions as collaborative tools—to conceive
new paradigms of urbanism for our ever-expanding and ever-burdening cities.


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The Multilogue Collective

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